This week my family joined the YMCA… I have had to move things around and make time to workout each day.  Yesterday my friend was a little late getting there so I put my Ipod on Lecrae and did my 30 minutes of exercising while I jammed. At one point Rachel who was beside me said “mom quit singing so loud” oops! ha  When I started to do my cool down I started just praying for God’s strength, for my friendships, my family and as I sat there I asked myself if I truly believed what I was praying? Did I believe my God was powerful enough to answer.   I have used words to speak to my Father so many times and yet those words were often empty. I heard Beth Moore say yesterday that we should engage in our prayers and trust God to do something.  The whole reason I am in the gym is because for 12 years I have allowed food to be an idol in my life and complete me on so many different levels.   I thought to myself what if I would have shifted my need for food to an undeniable need for Jesus???? WOW I know people with drug addictions, shopping addictions, food addictions, exercise addictions and the list could go on and on. We have allowed the power to be in the need for things, people, and feelings.  I am in that place of desperation and I need to hear from God!  I want to engage in prayer with the expectation of not only hearing His voice but grasping that the creator of this universe is listening to my voice! He is listening to me..EMPOWERMENT!   Do you truly need Him in your daily life or could you squeeze through the day without ever acknowledging Him? Are you desperate  for Him?

2 Chronicles 6:40 
  “O my God, may your eyes be open and your ears attentive to all the prayers made to you in this place.


One thought on “desperate?

  1. YES! I am Desperate! That is so true that we fill our lives with other things instead of God and still end up more thirsty and what I need is more of HIM!!!! Why do we continue to search in other places for comfort when we know He is right there?! I know I NEED Jesus and praying we both grasp Him more than ever before! Love you!

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