this is me…

  I am learning what true FREEDOM means. Galatians 5:1 says it is for FREEDOM Christ has set us free  I have struggled with body image, approval addiction and finding my purpose for years and I am finally getting a glimpse of who God has created me to be.   Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorite verses that I am learning to embrace daily it says “I am a masterpiece”  I am learning to live in the NOW and embrace every moment as I trust God with  all the  details.  I am married to a wonderful man who is both HOT and sweet. He is now my Pastor- Revolution Church will be launching in September 2011-  This whole pastor’s wife thing is weird and makes my eye twitch but seeing Richard’s passion for Jesus and lost people drives me!   We have two beautiful girls (Rebekah and Rachel).  I know that God has called me to share my story and as I continue to seek God’s face and push even harder to see myself and others through His eyes I know that amazing things are going to happen!   I am apart of UNBOUND Ministry. (  We are crazy about The Home Foundation.

 Ephesians 3:20 is my all time favorite verse!  I love to smell skunk (yes really) I hate pens with no lids! My favorite food is pinto beans with extra onions and chow chow. I LOVE SHOES and CUTE PURSES! My favorite colors are green and purple and hot pink. My favorite candy is air heads, grape laffy taffy and I LOVE Reese cups. I love all types of music but Natalie Grant is my all time favorite 🙂 I love a good grilled cheese sandwich; I love all fruit, not a fan of mexican/chinese food (well Pf CHANGS is yummy).  I love love love chips and dips! COFFEE is high on the list- I am addicted to twitter.   My favorite books are The Forgotten God, Crazy Love, Churched, The Essential Church, The Real Me, The Barbarian Way and Chasing Daylight.  My new obsession is Francine Rivers’s books.  I am now writing my own book and I can’t wait to see what comes from it. Whats my wish? To speak to girls all over the world and empower them to embrace just how crazy in love God is with them! – Natalie Grant is my BFF (one day she will embrace this and we will go shopping and drink coffee 🙂  

 That is me…simply me:)



3 thoughts on “this is me…

  1. WE should be besties! HAHA. Obviously we have SOOOOO much in common! 1Peter 3:4 was introduced to me during a summer beach trip with my youth group. I absolutely adore it! Along with the color purple, an excellent grilled cheese, and the state of TN, specifically: Nashville.


  2. Holly, I love your description of yourself, especially that Natalie Grant is your BFF. I think we are meant to be friends. I told Cheri Keaggy this summer at She Speaks how much she really loves it when I sing with her (in the car).

  3. Found your site after searching “Bibles Unbound” on Twitter… I like to smell skunks too! But only because I was born without the sense of smell, and during one week years ago, God allowed me to smell four things: cedar, soy sauce, hog barns, and skunk! Anyway, nice to meet you!

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