This morning I had a flashback of a childhood memory… I remember my older brother and his girlfriend sitting in our living room watching a movie. I would put a glass up to the wall and try and listen to see if they were kissing, and also hear what they were saying to each other. I would listen with such intensity.  The past few days I have been praying with that type of intensity except the glass is my heart. I need to hear from God on several things and I am praying for nothing to get in the way. No opinion, no advice, no blog, no book just His clear voice.  Last night after I had gotten in the bed I began to just pray for friendships, for circumstances, for leadership and on and on and on…the words just rolled off my tongue and though I didn’t hear anything I felt Him listening. I smiled and just began to tell Him how much I loved Him.  I think we can often get so caught up in the concept of prayer and forget the intimacy that comes with that. He is the creator of the universe and yet He wants to hear your voice.  I sat in silence and took that moment in and I will continue to press into His heart and wait with expectation to hear His voice!  

Psalm 37:7
Be silent before the LORD and wait expectantly for Him; do not be agitated by one who prospers in his way, by the man who carries out evil plans.


2 thoughts on “flashback…

  1. That is just what I need to do be in the silence and the presence of God w/ no interruptions! Praying you hear His voice clearly!

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