smeared ink…

I turned the lamp on and snuggled in my blanket this morning and opened my Beth Moore Paul study. I read through my verses and as I was about to write in my book I looked down and ink was all over my hands  It made me so mad that I just sat there holding that dumb leaking pen and read through my day 57 without getting any ink on the pages.. well except for the smeared ink from my hands.   As the morning progressed I washed my hands like 10 times (well maybe not 10 but you get the picture) yet everything I touched still seemed to get ink on it. It wasn’t until I literally scrubbed as hard as I could that my hands looked remotely clean even though you could still see a trace of ink. As I was driving into work I was reminded of this verse in Hebrews from my study this morning.

 Hebrews 10:22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies with pure water.

 As I thought about that ink on my hands and the trail I left through my house I realized that satan wants our past and our sins to be a constant reminder of how dirty or how unworthy we are.  When I talk to young girls/women they all seem to walk in the shadows of their past rather than the shadows of the cross. I lived with shame and regret for many years myself and it wasnt until I finally began to see what Jesus had done on the cross differently that I could truly walk in freedom.   You see the cross symbolizes God’s grace poured out all over us so we can experience unconditional love, freedom and redemption. God didn’t say we would be “used creations” or “almost NEW” He said in Christ WE ARE NEW creations. Don’t let your past be like that ink that you smear everywhere you go.  When we lay it down at the foot of the cross we are able to get up and walk away without a blemish on us.  I sat there with a picture in my mind of all the junk in my life that I had allowed to make feel so dirty and so unworthy of God’s grace.  I then pictured the blood of my Savior pouring out of his body and running down the wood and then pouring over my heart and God reminded me in that moment that my sins have been tossed in the sea of forgetfulness and I am clean.  Hebrews 10 says DRAW NEAR with a true heart.. run to the foot of the cross and let God’s forgiveness and His unfailing love drip down and pour over you!  Walk in freedom today:)





We are very excited to announce that due to the generosity of an anonymous donor – Revolution Church’s “ONE Voice” Event for Girls is now a FREE event!!!

Revolution Church ( is an EXCITING new church plant in Gastonia which launched September 25th and has already made an immediate impact in the community! UNBOUND Ministry is the girls’ ministry of Revolution. The purpose of this event is to give young ladies an opportunity to hear life-changing truth from seasoned communicators and experience high impact skits and breakout sessions for discussion of various topics geared toward middle/high school and college girls. Our featured speaker is Charie King. Her passion for Jesus and people is super contagious. To learn more about Charie visit her website at . – I am also speaking and I look forward to sharing what God has pressed down on my heart. Our featured musical artist for the event is Stephanie Smith. She signed her first record deal with Christian artist –Toby Mac. Stephanie is also the author of the book “Crossroads: The Teenage Girls Guide to Emotional Wounds.”  This event has been advertised on 106.9 “The Light” out of Black Mountain NC and continues to gain momentum! We want moms, youth leaders and girls ages 6th grade and up to be apart of this incredible day! We have planned and prayed for this event for over a year and now its time to see how God is going to BLOW OUR MINDS!!

Here are some details…

Date: Saturday, November 5th Time: 6:00-10:00pm (Doors open at 5:00pm) Location: Revolution Church @ our Central YMCA Campus 615 W. Franklin Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052 Cost: FREE!!! To reserve seating at the event please contact Robyn McDaniel @ (704) 747-5010 or visit  to register online. (any unregistered guests will be accommodated at the door as long as seating is available)

**Because of the generous donation, we are able to reimburse ALL of the churches and individuals who have already paid their registration fees!! A representative from the conference will be contacting you very soon!



Today marks 3 years since my mother in law passed away. I thought about her this morning as the rain hit my windshield on the way to work. I was taken back to the day we buried her. It was a massive down pour that day so bad that the tents were almost about to fall through. She loved all seasons and really appreciated each day no matter sun, snow, rain or blistering cold. She taught me so much about slowing down in life and really seeing things and people along the way. She was one of my very best friends and I miss her more than you know.  I turned off my music and my phone was dead so I rode to work in silence just thinking back over some memories…


I took her to the movies to see Notting Hill and one of the parts literally made her laugh so hard she almost peed her pants!! We laughed to our drinks came out of our noses. I will never forget that moment.


 Richard was getting his masters atFloridaStateand we came home one weekend to see her and Rebekah walked through the door at 10 months old and saw Janice and began to call her Goudy.. still does to this day. I will never forget that moment.  


She had never traveled anywhere and so we took her to Disney World and toDaytona beachfor a week. I think it was more magical for her than for Rebekah at that point. Her face as she saw the castle for the first time and her face as she placed her feet in the sand will forever be engraved in my mind. I will never forget that moment.


I remember getting into the floor with Rebekah when she was teeny tiny and she would play for hours with her. I will never forget those moments.


I remember my mom and Janice taking Richard and I back to college one weekend and it was snowing so hard I didn’t know if we would make it…. Not because of the weather but because of how much we laughed. I will never forget that moment.


She taught me that everything has a place and there is a place for everything.. (still working on this one ha) I will never forget that moment.


She told me how to surrender to my calling and pushed me to speak for the first time. I will never forget that moment.


As I look back over her life I don’t think I will ever meet anyone like her. She inspired me to be selfless and to always put my husband and family first. My thoughts led me to this morning – In just three days her son will begin a HUGE new season of his life as we launch Revolution church. She would be so proud to know that her selflessness, her dedication, her validation, her constant support and love for him shaped and molded him and ultimately brought him three streets over from his house where he was raised to be apart of an awakening in this city! I am overwhelmed in this moment and I cannot wait to see what happens next! So in honor of Janice today I celebrate her life and all that she did to pave the way for who I am and who my children are and who my amazing husband is. We love you and miss you GOUDY!

battle for your thoughts-

How many of you ride in your car in complete silence? For me I usually get on my cell phone or crank up some music as soon I get into the driver or passenger’s seat. I have really had an awakening in my soul this week surrounding the word rest. I have watched my husband literally crash and burn this week and seek God’s face for endurance and strength as we countdown these last 10 days before launches on the 25th.  I have also watched my thoughts be attacked and tired is truly and understatement.  I have pressed through with a smile on my face but inside God seemed to be gently pulling me closely into a new truth that I have got to obey… and that is resting in His presence.  I mentor some college age girls weekly and this week I challenged them to turn off their radios and cd’s and drive from point A to point B in complete silence.  One in particular immediately said “oh no I have to listen to something! I can’t drive in silence because that’s when I think about negative things” 

Isaiah 30:15b says this.. ” in quietness and trust is your strength”

In the quietness of every moment we are allowing one of two things to take root- negative thoughts to infiltrate our minds and send us down the road of defeat that often takes us away from our calling and into disobedience.  Or we take those thoughts captive and use that time to seek God’s voice and soak up His presence with a positioned heart to battle what’s ahead while we pursue our passions with ALL you have. Satan knows that if he can plant a negative thought then your actions will follow.  However It’s hard to recognize the distractions because so many are good things. Music is soothing, friendships help with loneliness, church stuff pushes you and yet God wants one thing YOU. That verse says in quietness and TRUST is your strength– Do we truly trust God with our time? Passion? Our dreams? Our relationships? Our vulnerabilities?

Take time today to turn off your television, radio, Ipod or cell phone and listen with intent. Let the fight for your thoughts be won by your desire to be in the presence of your Creator.

Be still and know that I am God- Psalm 46:10

this is today…..

I don’t really know where to begin therefore I will start from where I am in this moment….

 We are 19 days away from launching Revolution Church. Many of you keep up with our facebook page as well as get our updates via email. I am sitting here this morning in complete awe of how things have come full circle. This time last year we were in the midst of walking away from a ministry we had poured our hearts into for many years. I have some of my closest friends that are walking beside me now as a result of that ministry. A lot of healing, anger and other emotions all ran their course as we walked away from all we knew  and other emotions formed as we begin to take the steps into this new season in our lives as a couple and as a family. God has transformed my heart and pushes me daily to desire His word alone. I have come out of fear and entered a place of walking humbly with my God. I have came out of people pleasing and entered into a place of walking with friendships that build me up and push me to see the truths of God’s word but with laughter and some fun along the way. Sharing life with people has become a highlight of my life and seeing my girls in the midst of this forgotten and parched and dry land we now call our church community has become a spiritual marker in both of their lives.  I have seen poverty at its worst and I have seen and heard things I never in a million years thought my kids would see and hear and yet I rejoice in those teachable moments.  We can shelter and we can protect but what kind of audacious faith is that really?  I am not telling you to go throw yourself or your kids in the midst of danger… but I see God’s hand every week working in their hearts as they develop a love for His people. I am not just talking about it with them they are living it. As Christ followers we have devotionals and bible studies and blah blah blah that talk about how to live your life and training on how to interact with people and then we never ever place ourselves in situations that we have to fully rely on God to walk us through it. I love the picture of the “good Samaritan” passage. 

Luke 10:  30 In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. 31 A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man,. 32 So too, a Levite he passed by on the other side, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[e] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’ 36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”  37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

The Samaritan did three things..  He went to where HE WAS…  HE SAW HIM.. and took pity on him.  Look around where you are if your comfortable there is your first red flag. Following God requires selfless faith and complete and total surrender. Paul said take up your cross DAILY and take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE. Its easy to set inside church hear and learn all you can but if you aren’t PLACING yourself  in situations to exercise the faith all you will end up being is spiritually fat. Don’t wait for change BE THE CHANGE!!

living a life of praise

I often will go back through some of my favorite blogs. This morning I came across one of my friends that I have known for several years and she continues to inspire me in so many ways! She is an amazing encourager and I cherish her friendship more than she knows. We may not talk for months but we both know that we pray continuously for the other. I wanted to share this blog she wrote back in 2009…

use your voice…

Have you ever been so bothered by something that you couldn’t seem to get it off your mind?  Two weeks ago I watched the Movie- Taken.  It has plagued my mind over and over and there are moments I feel helpless and other times I am determined to DO something to change the world. Today I feel empowered and my heart is heavy.   The ministry I am apart of is passionate about the Home Foundation and we pray for God to move and resource this organization to help stop trafficking. We hold a yearly event and we spread the word when we travel and speak about this organization.    I have discovered that when you are able to make something real to people their perspective changes. I remember a few years ago a mom came to me over our support for the  Home Foundation and wanted me to stop talking about it at my events I was dumb founded and took her concerns but honestly it fueled me to speak even louder. I have seen video footage and read interviews where people witnessed these girls first hand.  They all seem to say the same thing. “We need to be the voice for those who have no voice”. Today I want you to check out this website and do two things-   #1 pray for all the girls enslaved- those who are in cages this very moment afraid and without hope.  Let’s pray for their freedom! #2  I want you to pray for how you can get involved by giving financially either a one time gift or partnering with them monthly.  God has given us a voice and we just choose how we are going to speak.  The time is now… DO SOMETHING

Isaiah 61:1

1 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
   and release from darkness for the prisoners,[a]

Start here-


Holly Myers

President UNBOUND Ministry