go ahead… take that blindfold off

Can you walk and chew gum at the same time or pat at your head and rub your stomach at the same time? How about run with your eyes closed?….

 This past Sunday at our life group Chris (our leader) had each couple reflect on the different ways our spouses cared for us.  Some people said their spouse sent daily sweet text messages, some said their spouse prepared and brought them coffee every single morning. Some said their spouse went above and beyond to help around the house and with kid duties.  It was so neat hearing all the different stories and how each couple connected with one another. Our scripture that evening was based around how much God cares for us and how when we care with intent for our spouses we are able to have an even deeper intimacy with them.  I am learning more and more that God desires our hearts more than anything we could offer him. A text message or a cup of coffee isn’t what He wants from me (ha kidding). It’s so much more deeper He doesn’t want my “acts” of any kind to be what I bring to Him. He simply wants ME. Now don’t get me wrong those things are good and they deepen our relationship with Him but when I look at scripture  in John chapter 3 verse 16 it says this… God so loved the world that HE GAVE his ONLY son.  I thought about this verse long and hard and realized that because of God’s deep love for us He allowed His son to be brutally murdered. That is an extreme act of kindness! WOW.  I often don’t give money at a stop light to that homeless person simply because I am on the phone or too busy in my head to stop. I may see someone who I know needs me to stop and talk and because of my selfishness that is centered on “my schedule” I say hello and have meaningless chatter and go on about my day. Another verse that has been pressed against my heart this week is Psalm 34:8 and after reading it over and over I also reread it in the message version and God said so sweetly to me “Holly Can you run with your eyes closed”


8 Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see
         how good God is.
   Blessed are you who run to Him


You see I can go through every day and miss my Creator!  I may do great and wonderful acts of kindness all throughout the day but never see God simply because I ran with my eyes closed out of duty.  We have to OPEN our mouths to eat and OPEN our eyes to see and when we are going through life outside of His word how can we truly taste and see that He is good?  God’s love for us went beyond an act of kindness it was a full-out sacrifice of what He loved the most.  I remember back in student ministry days we would cut all the lights off and try to lead each other from one side of the room to the other and all throughout the room there would be chairs and people moving you in order to distract you.  It was hard because you couldn’t see anything at all and you had to fully rely on the person’s voice.  The knocked over chairs and the people throughout the room that were trying so hard to make you fall became irrelevant because you were blinded and desperately tried to listen for the person leading you across the room. Are we that desperate to hear God’s voice in our lives? Do we think every single day as we go from place to place that God has ordained our steps and may have allowed that sweet lady behind you at the bank to be there with such a look of despair on her face. God wants us to see Him and even more others to see Him through us.  Today as you sit at the stop light look over and see who is beside you, when you are driving down the road notice that flock of birds flying over head. God wants you to experience JOY and the fullness of His love for you.  That last part of the verse says “blessed are those who RUN TO HIM.”  Blessed…. (let that soak in) are those who RUN to Him.  My prayer today is that you will see GOD but also see those relationships, those distractions that have you limping and unable to run to the Creator and soak up His word, His grace, His mercy and most of all His love for you. He wants to blow your mind ….  Let Him!




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