stand here beside me…

Has your heart ever been so heavy you could physically feel the pressure? This morning I am in that place and I was reminded by my Creator that He is standing right beside me. I was in Acts this morning and as I read about Paul’s encounter with the Sanhedrin I could feel the intensity and the anger those people had toward him.  It says this in Acts 23:11 The following night the Lord STOOD NEAR Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”  I read that and realized that Paul must have had a heavy heart. He must have been scared out of his mind with a roller coaster of emotions so much that Jesus appeared to him and STOOD BESIDE him and encouraged him.  You see God knows that we are emotional beings because He created us.  God has filled my heart with so much joy lately that when I come into a place like I am today I am blindsided with emotions and its ok.  This morning I wrote in my journal that I needed for God to stand beside me and show me His presence all throughout the day as a simple reminder that He is in control and He did just that.  Two of my closest friends called me back to back and they had no idea how I had been feeling this morning or the stress I have been carrying. God sent them to stand beside me and they both encouraged me so much. I sat in my car and just cried out of thankfulness. I walked in to work sat down at my desk and God sent me to Acts 2:25 and He spoke clearly to my heart.. it says “King David said this about him; I see that Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for HE IS RIGHT BESIDE ME. 26 No wonder my heart is glad. “    God my heart is heavy but it is also glad!! When I need to feel your presence in my life You send people, songs, scripture, and silence to surround my heart and encourage me. You are beside me and today I will choose to lavish in Your presence and embrace Your strength so I can move forward and press on.


3 thoughts on “stand here beside me…

  1. It is most often during the difficult times that we make sure He is right beside us…but He is always with us if we just look for Him.

    Great post this morning!



  2. This has been one of your best post! I feel just like you at times too, just one or two sayings from another person changes my whole day. Keep Blogging!

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