smeared ink…

I turned the lamp on and snuggled in my blanket this morning and opened my Beth Moore Paul study. I read through my verses and as I was about to write in my book I looked down and ink was all over my hands  It made me so mad that I just sat there holding that dumb leaking pen and read through my day 57 without getting any ink on the pages.. well except for the smeared ink from my hands.   As the morning progressed I washed my hands like 10 times (well maybe not 10 but you get the picture) yet everything I touched still seemed to get ink on it. It wasn’t until I literally scrubbed as hard as I could that my hands looked remotely clean even though you could still see a trace of ink. As I was driving into work I was reminded of this verse in Hebrews from my study this morning.

 Hebrews 10:22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies with pure water.

 As I thought about that ink on my hands and the trail I left through my house I realized that satan wants our past and our sins to be a constant reminder of how dirty or how unworthy we are.  When I talk to young girls/women they all seem to walk in the shadows of their past rather than the shadows of the cross. I lived with shame and regret for many years myself and it wasnt until I finally began to see what Jesus had done on the cross differently that I could truly walk in freedom.   You see the cross symbolizes God’s grace poured out all over us so we can experience unconditional love, freedom and redemption. God didn’t say we would be “used creations” or “almost NEW” He said in Christ WE ARE NEW creations. Don’t let your past be like that ink that you smear everywhere you go.  When we lay it down at the foot of the cross we are able to get up and walk away without a blemish on us.  I sat there with a picture in my mind of all the junk in my life that I had allowed to make feel so dirty and so unworthy of God’s grace.  I then pictured the blood of my Savior pouring out of his body and running down the wood and then pouring over my heart and God reminded me in that moment that my sins have been tossed in the sea of forgetfulness and I am clean.  Hebrews 10 says DRAW NEAR with a true heart.. run to the foot of the cross and let God’s forgiveness and His unfailing love drip down and pour over you!  Walk in freedom today:)




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