battle for your thoughts-

How many of you ride in your car in complete silence? For me I usually get on my cell phone or crank up some music as soon I get into the driver or passenger’s seat. I have really had an awakening in my soul this week surrounding the word rest. I have watched my husband literally crash and burn this week and seek God’s face for endurance and strength as we countdown these last 10 days before launches on the 25th.  I have also watched my thoughts be attacked and tired is truly and understatement.  I have pressed through with a smile on my face but inside God seemed to be gently pulling me closely into a new truth that I have got to obey… and that is resting in His presence.  I mentor some college age girls weekly and this week I challenged them to turn off their radios and cd’s and drive from point A to point B in complete silence.  One in particular immediately said “oh no I have to listen to something! I can’t drive in silence because that’s when I think about negative things” 

Isaiah 30:15b says this.. ” in quietness and trust is your strength”

In the quietness of every moment we are allowing one of two things to take root- negative thoughts to infiltrate our minds and send us down the road of defeat that often takes us away from our calling and into disobedience.  Or we take those thoughts captive and use that time to seek God’s voice and soak up His presence with a positioned heart to battle what’s ahead while we pursue our passions with ALL you have. Satan knows that if he can plant a negative thought then your actions will follow.  However It’s hard to recognize the distractions because so many are good things. Music is soothing, friendships help with loneliness, church stuff pushes you and yet God wants one thing YOU. That verse says in quietness and TRUST is your strength– Do we truly trust God with our time? Passion? Our dreams? Our relationships? Our vulnerabilities?

Take time today to turn off your television, radio, Ipod or cell phone and listen with intent. Let the fight for your thoughts be won by your desire to be in the presence of your Creator.

Be still and know that I am God- Psalm 46:10


One thought on “battle for your thoughts-

  1. Amen. You are so right about that. Some people who have been through abuse and traumatic events say that they can’t stand the quiet time, because of the negative thoughts, as you have said. However, that is what they need to conquer. Don’t cover up your problem areas, fix them.
    I know what you mean about driving, though. I have become more attentive driving.. one day, I was talking to a friend on the phone and he was driving..and had a wreck..I could hear everything.. it was very traumatic. When you are driving..please…just drive.

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