is the grass really green?

Over the past 10 years I have been surrounded by teen and college age girls. A few of those girls now serve with me in ministry weekly. I have walked through many of heartache with these girls and pushed them to become who God created them to be. I have hugged them when a boy crushed their hearts, or listened to them complain about curfews and so on. BUT now it’s my turn on the parent side. I have an “almost 14” year old teenage girl YIKES!!!! It’s funny watching her go through the awkward stages such as zits, “girl stuff”, boy issues, friend drama, rolling of the eyes, and short shorts. I have realized just over the last few weeks that it is also a crucial time in her life. Yesterday we had the most incredible talk and I walked away almost in tears because of that moment. I didn’t sleep well the night before last because of a nightmare. After laying there for a while I began to pray for my girls and the protection of their hearts. Rebekah turns 14 in just a few weeks, starts high school, cheerleading, band and she is now walking into the label of “preacher’s kid”. We have always been so honest and open with our girls and I can see that it has paid off. I think one of the biggest mistakes parents make are choosing to NOT share the stories or address the hard issues with their kids. When Rebekah has had a OH MY GOODNESS questions we have discussed it and when she walked away our relationship with her was that much more strengthened. Yesterday our conversation started with me asking this question- “what color is the grass? “ She responded ‘is this a trick question” then she tells me green so I push a little more and say ”but how do you know its green and why do you believe that its green and why can’t it be yellow.” She asked me where in the world I was going with all this. I told her that for many years I always desired to feel beautiful and I had watched so many girls her age do the exact same. KNOWING your beautiful and DESIRING to feel beautiful will lead you in the opposite directions. When a girl/young lady/woman wants to feel beautiful she begins to fuel the desire by everything she does. Her outfits reflect that, her friendships, her relationships, her music it ALL plays into the desire. I remember being her age and putting short skirts on just to get the reaction from all the boys. I desired to feel something and yet God wanted me to KNOW how much of a masterpiece I truly was. (Ephesians 2:10). Our desires will always match our actions. Over the last several years I have walked through a journey of really embracing my worth and beauty IN CHRIST. I am 36 and oh how I wish I could have embraced it when I was my daughter’s age. Our talk ended with Psalm 45:11 The King is ENTHRALLED by your beauty, honor Him for He is your Lord. / This is one of my most favorite verses because it’s packed with truth. It says we are BEAUTIFUL! Let that sink in… you are breathtaking. Second of all it says HONOR Him- that’s in EVERY area of our lives. Our words-our thoughts-our relationships-our responses all come as a direct reflection of our love for Christ and how we honor Him. The last part is the part I just LOVE! IT says “for He is your Lord”. I thought to myself HE IS MINE! The Creator of this universe is my love! He desires to have intimacy with me that is pure and real; He has placed a passion and dreams in my heart and then equipped me. He protects my heart and drives me through pain and suffering and floods me with grace that leaves me speechless. You see ladies the desire to feel beautiful should never overcome the TRUTH of KNOWING that you are beautiful because in the midst of chasing that desire you miss moments and dreams simply to fulfill something that is already there!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so thankful that God has given me girls I am watching them bloom right before my eyes


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