pride doesn’t make you cool just makes you rotten

Summer has begun and so have the busy schedules of coordinating baby sitters- dance camps, sleepovers and summer fun for the family I love every second of it however it is so hard getting my kids on a continued structured routine. They desire it even though they seem to hate it at first. I am getting them up during the week to do their quiet time, a few chores and to help them plan out their day. I have really enjoyed watching them dig into God’s word and tell me about what new truth they learned. I want them to desire His word like nothing else. I learned later in life how important it is to desire and seek God for my direction, my completion and how I could learn who He is. I allowed so many people to shape my view of who God is and that led me to walk in constant defeat. I depended on other people to tell me how to live my life, what to do and I seemed to always end up begging God to speak to me. The problem was that I was clinging to others rather than Him alone and I didn’t dig in His word to find truth or direction. How prideful was I to think that other people, my own desires and what I wanted would fulfill me. I replaced God with people’s opinions, ministry and what I thought was best rather than seeking God and clinging to Him with all I have. I came across this passage of scripture this morning in Jeremiah and it reminded me of this very thing…

Jeremiah 13: 1 This is what the LORD said to me: “Go and buy a linen loincloth and put it on, but do not wash it.” 2 So I bought the loincloth as the LORD directed me, and I put it on. 3 Then the LORD gave me another message: 4 “Take the linen loincloth you are wearing, and go to the Euphrates River.[a] Hide it there in a hole in the rocks.” 5 So I went and hid it by the Euphrates as the LORD had instructed me. 6 A long time afterward the LORD said to me, “Go back to the Euphrates and get the loincloth I told you to hide there.” 7 So I went to the Euphrates and dug it out of the hole where I had hidden it. But now it was rotting and falling apart. The loincloth was good for nothing. 8 Then I received this message from the LORD: 9 “This is what the LORD says: This shows how I will rot away the pride of Judah and Jerusalem. 10 These wicked people refuse to listen to me. They stubbornly follow their own desires and worship other gods. Therefore, they will become like this loincloth—good for nothing! 11 As a loincloth clings to a man’s waist, so I created Judah and Israel to cling to me, says the LORD. They were to be my people, my pride, my glory—an honor to my name. But they would not listen to me.


One thought on “pride doesn’t make you cool just makes you rotten

  1. Hey Holly, love your post. I was curious at where your girls are starting at in the Bible. Anywhere in particular? or are they using a studing guide? I would like to see my girls become involved in His word too and want to do it. Thanks so much.

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