May is the month of…..

May is the month of…beautiful blooms!

I remember growing up my teacher’s would say “after April showers come may flowers”. After all the massive down pours we had in April I am waiting anxiously to see all the beautiful trees and flowers begin to bloom with vibrant and radiant colors.

May is the month of … birthday celebrations!

If you know me personally then you know I love love love getting gifts. Now not expensive gifts. I like the thought behind whatever it is you give me. You may hear me say my favorite candy is laffy taffy (grape) ha and suddenly you bring me one! I like the little things. I love celebrating birthdays for anybody. I want people to feel special and to know that God isn’t finished with them yet! I enjoy looking back over the year but I LOVE looking ahead at what God has in store for me in the coming year! This month I will be 36 and I can’t wait to celebrate with all my family and friends in just a few weeks and remember my love language is GIFTS;) My beautiful friends know my favorite movie is legally blonde so guess what kind of party I’m having 

May is the month of … celebrating moms!

I am a mom of two beautiful girls who are so full of life and TOTAL opposites! Rebekah is a soccer/cheerleader/Phantom of the Opera/boy crazy kinda girl. She loves Jesus and is AMAZING at talking to people. One day she will be famous- Rachel is my dancer/bow wearing/obsessed with cute outfits/Sharpay from High School musical kinda girl. If it’s pink then it is for her! Rachel also knows and loves Jesus and she truly has deep compassion for people who are hurting or in need of hope. They fight when people are around and play together PERFECTLY when no one is looking. They love being apart of the church plant and truly invite every person we meet! I also celebrate my mom- our relationship continues to strengthen. She supports me in everything I do! I look to her as a true example of what a Proverbs 31 woman looks like and I strive to be just like her. I believe her and Beth Moore are meant to be friends and one day they will meet! I love her and I truly celebrate who she is. She serves alongside us we walk through this season of church planting. She is our biggest fan and serves with her whole heart! SHE GETS IT! I am very thankful for her~

May is the month of …. celebrating love

I have been with Richard for 19 years this August and married for 15 of those on the 25th of this month. I have a huge surprise for him but since he reads my blogs I can’t say what it is. Richard is my best friend and I love him more than life itself! He is the most passionate and Godly man I know. He is following Christ in complete surrender as he walks in obedience and is currently planting Revolution Church here in Gastonia (it will officially launch in September) He leads 40+ people on our launch team weekly serving our city and walking us through God’s word. Watching him makes my heart melt and He looks the finest when He is teaching God’s word… in other words he is HOT! ha I am in love with Him and I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t kiss him daily. So Happy Anniversary to the most amazing man I know. I am with you heart and soul!

May is the month of … reflecting

There seems to be so much to celebrate and so much to look forward during the month of May yet I also find myself reflecting on death. My dad was killed 13 years ago this month. I don’t know if he knew Jesus and so every anniversary or birthday month I find myself praying and hoping that sometime in his life he accepted Christ. I miss him and I wish he could see who I am, know my kids and share life alongside me.

I also lost one of my best friends just two short years ago and her birthday is the day before mine. My mother in law was the most validating person I have ever known. She didn’t just hand you a band-aid she would get down in the floor with my girls hug them, evaluate the boo boo and truly embrace their sweet lil hearts. She taught me so much about becoming a wife and mother and she would sit and listen to me for hours. She never judged people and she knew Jesus. I miss her laugh and I miss her hugs and I miss her constant encouragement!


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