When God is in it…. this is what happens!

A few days ago I was sitting at my desk and was thinking about how much my girls have changed over the last few months. Their view of Jesus and church has shifted from a building to themselves engaging people with love and service. They can’t wait for Sunday to come because they love setting up chairs, greeting people at the door and telling me all the ideas they have. I couldn’t help but watch Rebekah this past Sunday as she sat there listening with intent as Richard broke down Nehemiah for the launch team. He wants all the teenagers and college students to be apart of everything we do. He encourages the heck out of them and their excitement and fruit truly reveals their faithfulness. Rachel was getting ready for our launch team cookout last night and she wanted to be over games for the little kids. When we arrived at the YMCA we began setting up chairs, gathering balls, bubbles etc for anyone that wanted to join us from the surrounding neighborhoods or from the YMCA. Rachel said “mommy I believe a lot of people are going to come”. I told her that would be wonderful and next week we would send out flyers, maybe go up down the streets and really get the kids in that area excited. Well…… over 140 people showed up! Teenagers, homeless, elderly, little kids, families you name it- they kept coming and coming! We were overwhelmed and humbled to serve these people. We gave away free hotdogs, played tons of games, the guys played football and we shared Jesus through it all. We aren’t launching until September but we are engaging this city with the love of Jesus NOW. Richard and I got home last night and we were almost speechless (almost ha). As I prayed this morning I simply told God how incredible and wonderful He is and as I finished up praying I just sat there soaking up God’s presence and I thought about Habakuk 1:5 “Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” I am in awe this morning and I am reminded of something one of my favorite pastors (Perry Noble) said “you can’t manage a movement of God” I am seeing this! We showed up ready to serve people with love of Jesus and we saw God move! I am so honored to walk beside my husband and be apart of this launch team. Gastonia NC is IN FOR IT! We are holding a huge easter egg hunt next week and then the following week we begin spreading out around our location and simply serve. We have partnered with the YMCA, the middle school, and a nursing home that are only a few blocks away and are in desperate need of help. Please pray for us as we set out to show love to this city and begin this process of rebuilding! Also pray for our launch team and that our passion for the lost to NEVER gets old! REVOLUTION CHURCH- launching in September 2011 but serving NOW!!

Holly Myers


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