“I want my voice back”

Both of my kids have the flu this week. Fevers are running high; both have watery eyes, aching and much more. They are pitiful to say the least. Yesterday before we left for the doctor’s office my oldest daughter Rebekah came into my bedroom and her voice was cracking and deep and we laughed because she sounded so funny.  She said “mom I hate this, I just want my voice back”.   As we laughed and I comforted her I realized in that very moment that is exactly how so many girls feel who are enslaved to something. If only runs through their minds about choices, regrets, mistakes and failures.  I read Psalm 5:3 and it says In the morning O Lord, YOU HEAR MY VOICE; hmm you see when no one else hears our hearts screaming and our words are cracked our sweet Jesus hears our voices! This truth should empower us to make our request known to Him. He HEARS our voices! Think about all the girls enslaved in human trafficking WE NEED TO BE THEIR VOICE, the girl who has been sexually abused and afraid to speak WE NEED TO BE HER VOICE, the lady who is broken from past relationships and she can’t voice her pain WE NEED TO BE HER VOICE- you see God has given each of us a voice, we just choose how loudly we will speak.  Find what you’re passionate about and BE A VOICE that chooses to speak loudly! God wants you to come to him and make your request, your dreams, your desires, your pain, your compassion KNOWN to Him.  Listen to the second part of Psalm 5:3 in the morning I lay my request before you and WAIT IN EXPECTATION.  Satan would like nothing more than you to see people in their pain and do nothing. The God who created this universe says I HEAR YOUR VOICE, and when you come lay down (LET GO) your request and WAIT WITH EXPECTATION!



3 thoughts on ““I want my voice back”

  1. Love this post! I think in my heart I have been crying out “I want my voice back” for a few years… this is a very timely post for me! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. I love when you blog on something I need at that moment! What really got me was when you said to lay down and let go then wait with expectations, cause when I read this I was laying down.

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