sticky fingers..

Last night I ate a crescent roll with butter and honey on it before bed.  I am honestly not a big bread eater.  Maybe it’s because my mom made homemade biscuits almost daily growing up and still does to this day and I just take it for granted or something??  Last night I wanted something sweet and chocolate wasn’t it but boy that crescent roll sure hit the spot 🙂   As I began to get ready for bed I am sure I wiped my hands on my shirt/pants every two seconds because the honey was sticking to everything!  I would lick my fingers and they seem to be stickier than before.  I was leaving a trail of sticky fingers all through my room. I finally got sick of it and went and washed all the honey off.  Our words are often like sticky fingers because we leave a mark every where we go.    Our words have the ability to tear someone down or build them up. We can kill dreams with words such as “are you sure?” and you c an encourage dreams with words such as “GO for it”. Think about the people you are surrounded by in this season of your life. What are most of your conversations about? Are your words sticky and leave a trail of hurt or doubt?  Jesus wants us to share life with people and when you are focused on His goodness and His love it pours out of your mouth.   Be intentional with your words as you celebrate the birth of our Savior this weekend. Love people and encourage them and allow them to get a glimpse of who Jesus is just by listening to your conversations.  

Ephesians 4:29 Let EVERYthing  you say be good and helpful, so that your WORDS will be an encouragement to those who HEAR them.



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