I am encouraged…

This is a season of Hope.  I love seeing Christ followers who love Jesus stepping up and OUT and offering  hope to people  who are  drowning in hopelessness and in the midst of what seems like impossible circumstances.  The agency I work for serves children and adults who have special needs from mild to severe and profound developmental disabilities.  A local church here in town (Parkwood Baptist) sponsored not only all 57 names we turned in but also other local agencies. The entire store of Target was filled with youth, agencies, churches and people who were together uniting in love to share hope. I brought my girls and a few UNBOUND ladies  along to shop.   We each were given a 100 dollars limit and it was so much fun!! It was like a  shopping spree for these kids! ! I saw first hand Colossians 2:2 “I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love.” Wow…  

Through this church planting season we have had to really scale back in our spending and we have had the unique opportunity to share with our children a new aspect of ministry and obedience.  We also are allowing them to see us being stripped from the commercial side of this season.  We have talked more and more about authentic friendships, establishing relationships with people and truly encouraging others to embrace this HOPE.  Jesus has brought us into a new way of thinking, a new way of talking and new perspective on life and ministry all together and we are embracing it with our whole hearts. I am encouraged in this season… change is good =)

 share life-share hope-share love-share Jesus



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