presents vs presence

Last year I attended a service at Newspring church and Brad Cooper was preaching.   He said something like this…. Do we desire God’s presence or His presents in our lives?  Now one year later I have begun to truly see the difference in my own life and how I desire His PRESENCE more than anything.   A good friend of mine is always quoting this book on her facebook and a few weeks ago while attending a conference I saw it and purchased it.  The entire book is based on resting in GOD’S PRESENCE hmm love when God does that! The book is called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (go buy it for real).  I wrote a few weeks ago about how I truly felt like I was entering into a season of loneliness and its when I began to truly  question if being in God’s presence was enough for me.  What if He never answered my prayers, healed a friend or allowed me to be skinny would I still love Him with all I had?  The more I questioned the more I began to thirst for His word.  As I increased my intimacy with Him my desire for just being still IN HIM has also increased.   It”s true I want to hear His voice more than anything in the world but if I don’t is sitting in His presence enough?? hmm these are all questions that have come from that one question Brad asked LAST year.  God brings forth His truths in our lives in the exact moment we need to be confronted or comforted or pushed in a area of our lives.  For me it is now a year later!  This past Sunday we walked away from over a decade of student ministry and tears were shed but it was out of excitement of what is to come.  I am trying to re-balance my entire life around this new season in my life. More time on my hands, less money as we church plant, and increase in faith and complete trust that God is going to do what He said He is going to do.  I am pushed beyond what I could imagine and yet in the midst of what seems like chaos its not Christmas presents I am desiring, its not money to give us comfort, its not even more stuff to fill my calendar again its a new love for being in My Saviors presence. Because In Him I will find my strength, endurance, clarity, peace, hope, forgiveness, passion  and much more and I realize that’s way more than any “present” could ever give me….

Resting in Him today 🙂


John 17:5  and now, Father, glorify me in Your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.


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