Revolution Church

Tonight I find myself in a new place.  For over a decade my husband and I have poured our hearts into a student ministry that  started with about 8 or 9 people. We have watched not only hundreds of students come through but we have also watched each other get a true glimpse of who Jesus is and our lives have been radically changed. About 10 months ago Richard knew that God was birthing a vision inside him to reach our city. He grew up in a low income area with churches on almost every corner and not even once was he ever invited or told about Jesus.  He sees a city that is in desperate need of hope. We recently rode through different parts of our city and he would tell me all kind of ideas.  I honestly thought in the back of my mind we would never in a million years be entering into this season of church planting.  We have only 2 more weeks left at our current church and our spiritual growth, memories, frustrations, challenges and excitement has led us into this new chapter in our lives. Revolution Church will launch next year.  God is beginning to surround us with people who believe in us and the vision that God has placed inside Richard.  My girls (8yrs/13yrs) have now begun to talk daily about what is coming our way. I have been on my face constantly asking God to prepare their hearts and watching them grow with excitement has blessed my heart! We are ready to change this city and we know that God is already stirring the hearts of the people in this city and a sleeping giant is about to be awakened! During the next several months we will attend Elevation Church in Charlotte NC on Saturdays to grow, serve and allow my girls to be plugged in.  In just two weeks my youngest daughter has ran up to me and  starting telling me all that she learned about Jesus and herself  (Pastor Furtick your kids team is ON IT!) We are learning so much and we are excited about what God has in store for our own city.  Please be in prayer for us as we step out into complete faith and allow God to rock our worlds and rock this city! God has shown me almost daily this past week that no fear is greater than His power!!  We are surrendering daily as He places in the direct path of our calling! 

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

“Do not let any set of circumstances intimidate you. The more challenging your day the more of My power I place at your disposal.”

Sweet surrender………..



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