let’s slow it down…..

I heard someone say today that we only have 47 more days until Christmas.  I haven’t even put away my pumpkin decorations yet.  As a kid I don’t ever remember the seasons running together and yet now days you see Christmas trees in windows before you even slice the turkey in honor of thanksgiving.  I am guilty of this myself so I am not pointing fingers just recognizing that summer has become our mad dash to fall and then fall turns into our mad dash to Christmas and then before we know it we are in a mad dash to the gym.  So as I sit here eating the most amazing piece of pumpkin pie I was reminded that in just a few months I will be begging God to help me lose this unnecessary weight on my body and I just began to laugh.  I have so much fun during the holidays and look forward to spending time with friends and family. I want to soak up every second with my girls and the traditions we have in our home.  Putting up Christmas lights on the roof, making cookies, having Christmas cookie parties, writing Santa letters, going to see Christmas lights, wearing PJ’s drinking hot chocolate and watching every Christmas we own. All of these are moments my kids will cherish and hopefully pass along to their children.  I have  truly learned over the years to look past the dishes and the laundry and embrace every moment.  Tomorrow I am heading to Ridgecrest NC with some amazing ladies to soak up truth and learn all I can about leadership.   I simply cannot wait:) I will drink lots of good coffee, have life talks that will last hours, worship that will allow me to give all I have to my Jesus, see leaves that were painted by the Creator Himself and I will see mountains that will lay still yet seem so GINORMOUS in my view. God has given us the ability to do and the desire to go and change this world far beyond what we could ever imagine. But He also wants us to rest in His goodness and the truth of His love for us. Don’t look at Christmas approaching as list, no money and to do’s that are coming sooner than later. Look at these next 47 days as  entering a season of HOPE, reconciliation, love, restoration, surrender, peace and most of all the celebration of a birthday that changed History and brings unbelievable power and HOPE to our future!!!

Embrace this coming holiday season with your heart and arms wide open!

 Romans 15:13 

 13 I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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