dress up time:)

Halloween is only a few days away and like most churches we will celebrate with costumes/candy and just change the name to Autumn/fall festival/ costume party. I love dressing up because it allows us to be someone we are not.  Rebekah (my oldest) was a pirate one year and literally she talked like Elizabeth Swann for an entire day! This year Rebekah is going to be a ninja and Rachel has chosen an 80’s valley girl and she plays the part.  I have been reading through the Psalms and I have noticed all types of words that David chose to describe God with.  So I began to think about who God is…

  My father. My redeemer. My healer. My endurance. My strength. My love. My forgiveness. My freedom. My favor. My supplier.  My completion. My voice. My direction….

 He meets us where we are and gives  ALL of Himself to CAPTURE our hearts!!

1 Corinthians 13:8 Love NEVER ends

Ok so what are you dressing as this weekend??


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