the THING…

  What is that THING you know that BIG pink elephant in your mind, your thoughts….

  *that keeps you from becoming who God created you to be?

    *that keeps you shackled to your past?

    *that keeps you from embracing Jesus with your whole heart?

I am finding daily that there are still areas of my life I haven’t fully surrendered to Jesus. I don’t live like I believe in His power therefore I am left questioning His power.  Over these past several years and even months and weeks I have learned to take steps in the direction of sweet surrender.  I know that when I have stepped out in complete faith and asked Him to handle every minor detail to the HUGE ones I have walked away being speechless because I saw His power at work.  I encourage you today to let go and allow God to embrace your fears, your doubts, your “what if’s” and let Him BLOW YOUR MIND!

Ephesians 3:20 my life verse!


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