Yesterday my 8 year old daughter (Rachel) went to Sunday school and it just so happens to be that my aunt is her teacher. She was teaching on the breastplate of righteousness and as she was teaching Rachel raised her hand and said the following statement “sometimes me and my daddy order 1 and 2 breast plates” she was referring to chicken! Yes seriously  I absolutely love the faith and realness of a child.  Children speak exactly what they perceive a situation or something to be. This past weekend I spent Friday and Saturday hearing stories from women on how they were in bondage due to how others perceive them to be along with how they perceive themselves.  I attended Imagine me set free conference and walked away seeing myself differently but also realizing how much women are truly in bondage.  Satan wants to keep every one of us in bondage because if we continue to hide behind our insecurities or feelings of unworthiness and our past mistakes we can’t engage in a culture that desperately needs to be set free! God rocked my world he changed my life and satan wants to keep me in chains over who I use to be and what I did and that is so not cool! Victory is here and we can have freedom NOW!   I remember a statement that Pat said while speaking “if you have to keep it a secret you aren’t free from it” I thought about all the women who are suffering from damaging past mistakes, horrible uncontrollable circumstances and bad choices   that have shaped their view of who God is and also who He created them to be and my heart breaks. I have allowed people to shape my thoughts at times and pushed me to be who I knew I wasn’t.  All through school and even to college I had major issues of being who others wanted me to be and that led me to make bad choices and in return live in complete bondage. I had to finally lay it down surrender my secrets and choose to share my story about how God redeemed me from complete brokenness I was once in. I am learning daily to replace satan’s lies with God’s promises and truths… He said I am beautiful (Ephesians 2:10). I am forgiven (John 3:16) and I am ready to point other girls and women to the very place that FREEDOM exists…In the arms of our Father (Galatians 5:1)

Share your story and embrace FREEDOM!



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