to do?…embrace God’s unconditional love<3

It has been a few weeks since I blogged last. I have sat down at the computer more than once and when I would begin to write I couldn’t’ seem to carry a single thought to completion.  I have been praying for weeks about some different areas in my life that I am working on and one is being disciplined. I spend most of my time running in circles due to the simple fact I organize in my mind, on paper and something ALWAYS keeps me from following through with MY plan for that day =) I use to sit and spend so much time thinking of all that I should have done, could have done and ought to be doing and nothing seem to ever be completed. I would tell myself you are not a good mother, not a good wife or a good employee and then one day I realized that GUILT is not an emotion that God created in me! Satan’s plan for me is to always feel like I am never good enough and that I will never measure up to God’s standards if I want His love. But when I sit and read about my Jesus and the unconditional sea of grace and love He gives me I realize that God is my completion. No dirty laundry, no to do list, no past mistake or future failure will ever keep His love from covering me.   John 15:5 says apart from Him I can do nothing…but thinking about living my life IN HIM overwhelms me.   I am dreaming big and embracing that my Jesus created me to be something far greater than I could ever wrap my mind around Ephesians 3:20!! ……yes I will rest in that truth!

Here I am USE me =)



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