farms, skunks and beauty within…

This past weekend the UNBOUND team traveled to Martinsburg WV to pour into a group of teen girls for an event called Searching for the Beauty Within. The ladies in this church have such a heart for their girls. They loved on us and at the end of the weekend we left feeling like we were poured into just as much!  The city was beautiful! I mean farm after farm I could barely pay attention when I was driving!  It was breathtaking scenery and I smelled at least 3 skunks over the weekend!  Those who know me know that this made my day! I love to smell skunk spray and no I am not kidding!  We also got to spend Saturday afternoon and evening in Washington DC.  On the way down to WV Gina and I had all the band equipment and merchandise in my car.   We had 9 hours of talking we literally had not one incident of silence in the car and we loved every second of it! 

Before I spoke on Saturday I sat by the window in the hotel room and I was just pouring out my heart to God about how amazed I was that He had brought this to be.   I started thinking about all the times I had doubted myself and this calling on my life to pour into girls/women. Satan likes to throw up your mistakes and your insecurities in the midst of establishing who you are in Christ. He would much rather you remain frozen in the midst of fear and doubts and distracted by the feelings of “I can’t”.  But in the middle of my prayer I could feel God pressing HIS confidence into  my heart.   I thought about how one small step of obedience could lead you into the exact direction you were created for.  I no longer doubt this calling on my life because the passion and desire I have to pour into girls of all ages only seems to be getting stronger! God is up to BIG things and my heart is smiling 🙂 What were you created for?  Don’t you dare give up! Ephesians 3:20 DREAM BIG!



2 thoughts on “farms, skunks and beauty within…

  1. Love this post! I have always dreamed BIG! 🙂 And the smell of skunk is something you actually like? hmmmm… me not so much! lol Kind of a random fact but my mom can not smell skunks at all.
    Anyway, I am enjoying reading your blog and getting to know what kind of ministry you are doing. I love it!

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