speak to me in ways I have never heard….

Clarity is something I seem to always be praying for regarding decisions and direction in my life. I have embraced a calling on my life that I would have rather not but for some reason God has placed an undeniable passion to do it. Weird I know… God’s ways never seem to be comfortable for me and usually weird and that’s exactly the place I am in and that’s ok =). I have never in my life assumed leadership roles (friendships, relationships, etc) I have always followed… the good and bad.  I spent most of my time consumed with a desire for others to like me no matter the cost. I could never hear or see God’s plan for my life because I was too busy trying to fulfill the expectations of others.  I am in a place of letting go of past regrets when I was outside of Christ and pushing hard to embrace who I am IN Christ.  Yesterday Richard and I drove up to the mountains with our girls. We packed a picnic, our iPods, good books and lots of sunscreen.  We spent hours beside a roaring stream with beautiful waterfalls.  At one point I was listening to Kari Jobe’s  song “You are for me” and  I could still  hear  the water  running beneath my feet.    I could feel a cool breeze across my face every few minutes when the heat felt unbearable.  As I looked around me I began to thank God for allowing me to see His amazing creation with such clarity. I then began to ask Him to speak to me in ways I had never heard.  I laid back and as I looked up at those HUGE trees around me and birds flying over singing as if it was for God alone I realized in that moment I had forgotten about who didn’t like me, what I looked like, past regrets, and  any struggles that plague my mind.  In that moment my burdens seemed to be far away from me.  God desires my intimacy and in return He carries my junk for me.  I know many people who are in marriages that seem to be crumbling, relationships that they shouldn’t be and struggles that seem bigger than life at this point.  When we allow our hearts to be placed INTO the heart of God we are able to face things we couldn’t alone.  Let God push you to become who He created you to be and in the process allow Him to clean out the stuff others have pushed you to become.  Nothing shocks God and realizing we can’t just puts us in the position of letting someone who can 🙂 Get lost in His presence and press into Him with ALL you have!

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”

Psalm 42:1 As the deer longs for streams of water,
      so I long for you, O God.



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