my heart runneth over….

When I look at the cross I see freedom-forgiveness-grace-mercy-honor-commitment…the words could go on and on. I was recently in Nashville for a mission trip and one of the days our word for the day was sacrifice. When I look at the cross I of course see sacrifice but when I look at my own life I don’t. God has my heart but He has also shown me areas of my life that aren’t all His. My thoughts are attacked daily and some days I take those thoughts captive and MAKE them obedient to the cross but other days I walk around feeling ugly, defeated and have low self worth. I also have seen in my heart the bitterness that I have felt for so long about the death of my father which happened over 10 years ago. After he was killed it took years to forgive the company he worked for and yet recently I saw that the bitterness toward my father still existed and I am learning daily to forgive him for not being there.  I also have seen Satan attack my passion and try and destroy a vision that I know God has placed in my heart. I am passionate for teen girls to see themselves the way Christ sees them and to also offer FREEDOM in the midst of their struggles. Satan tells me it’s never going to make it and yet I hear a voice speaking louder…TRUST ME. God sacrificed His life in order for me to see myself through His eyes, to allow me to embrace my purpose and experience freedom in Him. I am learning every day what it means to surrender and even more sacrifice until it hurts.  Through pain often comes healing and through a mighty storm often comes a mighty bloom. I am ready for both 🙂


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