He had me at hello…literally:)

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary:) I am overwhelmed at how much my love for Richard grows daily. He is my best friend!  In 1992 He walked into my life.  I grew up in Dallas NC  it is a small town and everyone seems to know everyone with One high school and one middle school you catch my drift.   My house had burned down my junior year in high school and my step dad dropped major news on my sister and I.  He said we are moving to Gastonia and you will be attending Hunter Huss High School…um that didn’t work for me so of course I talked junk and rebelled against it. I finally came to the conclusion he was serious and so I decided to tryout for cheerleading.  Once I made it I began to feel the impact of what was taking place. I was starting a whole new school MY SENIOR YEAR! Already an outcast I was scared out of my mind. But what I didn’t understand at the time was that fire led me to  the most amazing guy ever! RICHARD:) Two weeks before school started I was leading a bible study group at my church and there he came walking in and I mean he was..GORGEOUS! I actually was dating someone and I leaned over to a guy in my group and said I am going to marry that boy…. it was all she wrote after that night of August 12 1992. He became my boy and then my fiance and then on May 25th he became more than I could ever imagine:) Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage:) 

He had me at hello…literally


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