get ready to bloom…

Today is Tuesday April 6th. We are in the midst of spring break and while Duke fans are cheering loudly, spring breakers are at the beach, and the movie theaters are packed there are also people walking around us in the midst of a great storm in their lives.  There is a wave of fear and doubt that is sweeping through so many Christ followers. We tend to encourage others and pray for others and yet when a storm hits our own lives we allow it to stop us from moving forward.   About two weeks ago I was riding in the most intense storm.  The rain was pounding my car so hard I could barely see in front of me.  I thought to myself this down pour will lead to a mighty bloom of flowers, and trees.  Just like in our lives when we face storms we can’t control I like to think about what God must be doing in my life. I am not saying I sit and sing through it but I am learning that His way is so much greater than whatever I could do to try and fix the circumstance.  When I want to see His hand at work in my life I am learning that I simply remove my own.   My husband said the most profound statement the other week He said “so many Christ followers act as if their defeated, it’s like they were never freed”.  The more I thought about that statement I thought about how many people that I have known including myself that were freed from some type of addiction or struggle and when the storm grew in their lives they returned to bondage. FREEDOM does exist! Galatians 5:1 says it is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. When we truly begin to see Christ for who He is and not who this world says He is our walk with Him deepens and our hearts are transformed. Just like in my own struggle I fight those demons daily. I wrote this statement below a few weeks ago in preparation of what I will be speaking on next month. …..

“God help me to walk toward your reflection, Your image and not the reflections of this world. No mirror tells my story, no lie, no thought defines me. It imprisons me and sets me in motion toward becoming a fake me. I really am trying to break the mirrors in my mind to keep them from reflecting who others think I should be. I want to reflect exactly who You created met to be.”


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