FREEDOM..does it exist?

I am speaking at a conference next month and I was asked to speak on the topic of Freedom…funny how that works:) I would love your feedback.

I would love for you to answer these  questions…

Define Freedom

What does Freedom personally  mean to you?

Have you been freed from an addiction?


5 thoughts on “FREEDOM..does it exist?

  1. Freedom —
    One of the reasons Christ died, free from bondage, loving yourself, creating openly, fearlessly pursuing your dreams, not living under fear of any man, loving to the fullest and without pride, showing people a different way, knowing and believing that wealth isn’t what is kept in the bank…..

    What freedom means to me?
    Currently, it’s something I’m working towards. And in this process I am realizing how much bondage I am in…some of this bondage wasn’t even recognizable to myself until I started searching deeply within. The grace of God uncovers all of our bondage to lead us into His freedom and joys of life.

    At this time in my life, I am being freed from
    -self idolization
    -accumulating things that have no eternal value
    -putting too much weight on the approval of others

  2. I saw your link on Twitter, so I thought I’d stop by and leave a comment. 🙂

    Define Freedom: Generally I would say freedom is in the overcoming of addiction, hurt, etc… However, the more I think about true freedom, the more I am convinced that it is something SO MUCH more. Today I would define freedom as living in the full knowledge of God’s love and letting His love transform our lives… little by little.

    What does freedom personally mean to you? In my own life, freedom is knowing that God loves me and accepts me just the way I am. All my faults, failures, and dark spots are not surprising to Him or too much to handle. I used to say freedom was never falling back into the chains of bondage, but today I would say that my own personal freedom is knowing the One who will unlock the chains once again.

    Have you been freed from an addiction?
    Yes. I was anorexic and bulimic for about six years, and I truly thought I would never be free. Because of the seriousness of my eating disorder, I also struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies. God has transformed my life, and I can now say with confidence freedom truly exists.

    Good luck at the conference! I’ll be praying that God gives you HIS message 🙂

  3. Being free for me is simply this…”being free from anything that entangles or entraps me and pointing people toward Christ.”

    Freedom to me is knowing and thanking God that I am free, but constantly in battle over something that I need to be set free from. Thank goodness I have Christ to help me do this!

    I have an addictive personality so I can be addicted to anything at any given moment. And, being addicted to something doesn’t mean its something bad its just a battle that I have to watch and keep in check.

  4. Freedom to me is found in Jesus Christ. The truth sets us free. He is Truth. Through him we are free indeed. The moment I found Jesus, my life didn’t change immediately.

    Freedom is a progression, we are being freed everyday, so one day when we walk into forever with him, we will be completely free, unbound from the chains of this world, not because of what we have done but because of his grace.

    I personally have been freed from the addiction of pornography. I used to be a closet addict, saying I wasn’t but knowing I was. Five years after the addiction began, Jesus freed me from it, randomly really, but amazingly so.

    Once we are free, we cannot look back, we must press towards the goal and lay aside everything that hinders and our sin which entangles us.

    The only way we will ever be free is not by any strength of our own by the complete and matchless grace of Jesus Christ.

    Praying that the conference goes well. Speak a great Christ.

  5. Define Freedom-Opposite of bondage

    What does Freedom personally mean to you? Freedom for me personally is the ability to pursue God unhindered. It’s accepting and living in the wisdom that God’s ways are for my ultimate best. It’s taking the impossible task of fixing what I never could and giving it to the only One who ever could.

    Have you been freed from an addiction? Yes. Well, being freed. I struggle with pride. Pride of low self esteem. Pride of wanting to be right, and making sure “they” know it. I often care what other’s think of me and when I can’t please them, spend all my energies either changing their opinion, or proving them wrong. That’s pride any way you look at it.

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