What does a Princess look like?


I took Rachel to have her nails done yesterday and to pick out some cute PJ’s for our upcoming weekend plans.  She chose NEON pink and a cute flower design for each finger! She def felt like a princess…..

This weekend UNBOUND will hold our first little girl event… PB&J.  Our first event was SOLD OUT! We partnered with a local hotel here in Gastonia. We have so much planned for these girls and their moms/leaders.

When they enter their rooms the girls will find crowns on their pillows and a cute t-shirt and goody bags for both mom and daughter. Also we will have devotion for them to do together. We are all wearing our PJ’s tonight and having food, dramas and makeovers.  Tomorrow we will have worship/dramas/skits and pour into them JESUS! We want them to grasp how beautiful they are in the eyes of Christ. We are making them feel like true Princesses=) I will be sharing with the moms/leaders and I am so excited about this!  Please be in prayer about this event this weekend for the UNBOUND team and also the girls and their moms/leaders! We need to be encouraged just like you need to be encouraged! We are new, we are scared BUT we are ready to change the world=)

www.unboundministry.com PASS IT ON!!! NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON!

WHO AM I Conference coming to Ridgecrest NC (May 21/22)

8th Annual Searching for the Beauty Within (Fall)

  Psalm 45:11 The King is enthralled by your beauty;
       honor Him, for He is your lord.  

 Romans 1: 11I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— 12that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.


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