what a girl wants…

Rachel is OBSESSED with high heels! I have never seen a child love shoes as much as she does!! She is 7 and when we go into a store she doesn’t want to go to her section. The other day we walked into Payless because I SAW THE BOGO SIGN haha (wonder where she gets it from). We walk in and Rebekah heads to her section and Rachel turns left on the women’s isle.  I am standing on the opposite end of the isle and I look up and here she comes walking down the isle with her pants pushed up to her knees and she has BRIGHT RED 4 inch heels on! I laughed and she looked at me and said “mom these fit can I buy these?” She was so serious and actually got the box down. I finally talked her out of them ($24.00) when  I told her we would go to a really cool store called Goodwill and let her get several pair.  She started dancing and she pumped her fist and said YESSSSS! She knew what she wanted…..

Last night I was reading in 2 Chronicles and I thought about this simple question?

2 Chronicles 1: 7  That night God appeared to Solomon and said to him, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” 

What do I want from God? I couldn’t answer because everything seemed to go back to me, myself and I.  I decided to pray for other people and for a while that was ok, but I realized God had brought me to this scripture and wanted me to answer. I sat in His presence and asked Him to search my heart and to please purge ME out of there.  I was humbled and in that moment I realized that all I really want and need is Him….His love, His grace, His mercy, His forgiveness, His patience, His guidance, His strength, His endurance, His faithfulness, His words to flow out of me, and His heart! God created me with a purpose and I am embracing it but at times I seem to get in the way.  Being purged doesn’t feel good, and it puts you on your face but the outcome is far greater than the pain!!  Ask yourself, what is it that you are truly wanting from God???

Jesus I am continually amazed by Your love for me! I can’t explain it or even comprehend it but I LOVE IT!

*side note* I have lost almost 7 pounds:)

simply me…


5 thoughts on “what a girl wants…

  1. HA ha That’s histracal how many shoes did you buy? I got a new elective today GYm! even though its anoying i ❤ it! God is doing something with the name solomen to me right now I am ?ioning what!

  2. Holly,
    Great post! God is awesome. This is just confirmation. I’ve been meditating on John 3:30…He must become great; I must become less. You are a blessing to the Body of Christ. By the way, great job on the weight loss.

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