can you fetch me a cane….

Although I am ONLY 34 and I feel like a kid on the inside my body told me that I was clearly out of shape this week. I have increased my workout routine to be a little harder when I am doing my 30 minutes of movement.  But let me tell you…OUCH! I have been doing this cardio workout (by Gold’s Gym) on the Wii and it has my body aching and I am soooo sore I could fall over. I told my co-worker earlier this morning that I felt like I needed a cane to walk.  God has given me such endurance and I push through each workout and I am excited when I am finally finished!  I wanted to say thanks to many of you who contacted me and said you were praying for me.  I truly have felt them this week.  I did not realize how deep the addiction ran and my love for food has left me feeling defeated and unable to see past my fork. Addiction – “compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance” …Change is on the horizon! I am praying for not big things…not amazing things…but THINGS TO BLOW MY MIND in 2010! I am ready to be used!

Ephesians 3:20



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