simply me….

Have you ever had so much to say that you really couldn’t put it into words…I am in that place. I have seen Jesus do amazing things in other people’s lives. I have seen Him move in my own life and have been overwhelmed by His healing power, His grace and His unconditional love for me. Two weeks ago I was sitting in my car listening to a Focus on the family broadcast and a lady was on there talking about her weight and how she had overcame it.  I sat in my car and I began to cry because I realized for the first time in my life I was addicted to food. It consumes my thoughts and I want it even when I am not hungry.  Just like some people are addicted to porn, some to alcohol and some to greed and many other things…my addiction is food. I have used it to comfort me, fill me up emotionally and yet when it’s over I feel even emptier. I begin to tell God how sorry I was for taking Him off the throne over and over and replacing Him with food.  My weight was only a symptom of a bigger issue.  My whole life I was in pageants, and I cheered, and I clogged and never was overweight ( I can’t remember once). When I went off to college I gained some weight and then lost it before my wedding day. I also remember feeling self conscience about my weight and hating who I was at times because of who I thought I and others saw.  Now at 34 years old I am considered obese by my doctor and enough is enough. I have been inspired by Rob Dempsey from Greenville SC who continues to live a healthy lifestyle.  I started looking at food as a stumbling block in my life and realized that I was sinning.  I am sick of avoiding pictures from the head down, and I am sick of always worrying about my weight. This year my one word is OVERCOME and I am on my way. I have repented and spoken with several people about holding me accountable. Since I have made this decision to walk away from my sin I have begun to exercise daily (30 minutes of movement) and I have already lost almost 5 pounds just in a week and a half. So again I find myself at a loss of words but my heart is bursting because Jesus is doing something in my life and yet again I am amazed…

pray for me:)

simply me….


3 thoughts on “simply me….

  1. I will keep you lifted in prayer. I’m in the same place except I haven’t starting doing anything about it yet. This has inspired me. God will see you through.

    Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me”.

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