As a child your imagination can freely run wild.  My sister and I would pretend like we were teenagers that had McDonald jobs, and we both were popular cheerleaders. We had fake names and fake boyfriends and we would get lost in that world. (and it was all in the back yard)  I also remember playing with my childhood best friend Kim. We would pretend we worked for a phone company. We were serious and we had our own offices and paperwork and really got into our roles. We also LOVED I mean LOVED Pee Wee’s playhouse. We talked like him, and acted like him and I even had posters of him on my wall.  I also loved my cabbage patch!!  I took that baby everywhere and I was convinced she could hear me.  My husband and I were talking just last night about our childhoods. He would get lost in super heroes and Star Wars!! (although still to this day he loves both) I thought about all the stages we go through as children and even as teens and adults. The different toys we play with and the clothes we choose to wear at times the many hairstyles we play with trying to find who we are.  We always look back at pictures and say “what was I wearing” but at the time it was the coolest thing EVER!  What did you play (or with)  when you were growing up? What was your childhood obsession?

God created us with a purpose and I think when we finally embrace that God can do AMAZING things through us we can freely believe that amazing things WILL HAPPEN!  Habakkuk 1:5!

Imagination gives way to new ideas….

Ephesians 3:20 Dream Big!


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