what will you leave behind?

It is sooo cold today!  I have said at least 50 times in the past few weeks “I am freezing to death”. This morning my co-worker was asking me to say a prayer for her family because her cousin had died on New Years Day.  On New Years Eve he had a wreck and landed in a small pond.  He called someone and asked them to come get him and due to the temperatures he died from freezing to death. He had contacted that person around 10:30 at night and the following day his body was found in a wooded area.  My heart breaks for his family…I was thinking about how he ended one year and started the new. He was wondering through the woods trying to find something to make him warm, while he waited on help to arrive and it didn’t happen. As you  begin to  a new  year  look around you and see who is desperate for hope, for love, for validation, for a blanket, for a warm meal, for Jesus and EMBRACE the opportunity to show them who God truly is and not who this world says He is.  I saw a quote on Steven Furtick’s twitter yesterday and it has really stuck with me. “Time to share your reverse resolution.What are you leaving behind in 2009?”  I thought about that for myself…I want to leave behind negative thoughts about myself, insecurities, past regrets, and my addiction to food. How about you?

Psalm 25:6
Remember, O Lord, Your compassion and unfailing love,which You have shown from long ages past…


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