sweet release…

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Xtreme Winter Conference in Pigeon Forge Tenn with our students. When I come back it will be a start of a new decade.   When a year comes to an end we tend to reflect on things that happened over the year. For me I stepped out on complete faith and formed a ministry called UNBOUND (www.unboundministry.com) …I embraced the calling to speak to girls and He continues to pour passion into me! My one word was THIRST and I truly felt so dry and times that only His word kept me going. All this sounds great doesn’t it? But on the down side I spent many hours crying out to God for change, I begged Him to let me OVERCOME my struggle/addiction to food. I cried out to Him when I didn’t feel good enough or even equipped enough to speak to girls. I cried out to Him asking Him WHY more times than none…. Through this year I have dealt with the death of my mother in law and I miss her every single day! I sit here with tears feeling up my eyes because I can hear her encouragement pouring into my soul! I am gifted (or cursed) with encouragement. I desire for people to see themselves the way God sees them and to know they are worth EVERYthing to Him.  I watched Facing the Giants recently and the clip about preparing your fields for rain spoke to straight to my heart. It was like God was saying Holly you want amazing things to happen and you want to be used but what are you doing to prepare your fields!  God opens doors for us but we have to turn the handle at times.  I have been praying since about October for God to show me the direction for UNBOUND in 2010 and I truly believe that something is happening and I can’t wait! I also have embraced a NEW ONE WORD…OVERCOME! I will overcome my unbelief, my addiction to food, and my insecurities because I will no longer look to peers, or a level of success as a measure of WHO I am!  My verses are Mark 9:24 The father instantly cried out, “I do believe, but help me OVERCOME my unbelief!” and John 16:33 I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have OVERCOME the world.” I can’t and will never be able to do anything without Jesus! I am realizing each day that my strength, my hope, and my passion all come from HIM! So today as I pack and gather things for our trip I am praying that God takes my heart and holds it tightly and as I begin a new season in my life I will  remember over and over that HE HAS OVERCOME the world =) 

Simply Me=) Holly


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