nuff said…

The last several days I have had an overwhelming burden in my heart. I couldn’t put my finger on it, and I couldn’t put it into words on how I was feeling. I heard our pastor say a few weeks ago that 70% of baptist churches are on the decline…HELLO RED FLAG!! I truly believe we can miss a mighty movement because we get lost in the “planning” of how whether than just chasing God FIRST and allowing Him to blow our minds.  I came into work this morning and sat down at my computer and began checking emails, and I read the blogs that I read daily.  Perry Noble who is one my favorite pastors on the planet writes with such passion! I get a glimpse of his heart just through his blogs (and if you haven’t visited NewSpring..umm you need to!) anyways….I read his blog and  it has been on my mind all morning long!! I want to share with you…



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