naked revelations and goose bumps…

goosebumpsI have a friend of mine who always hears from God in the bath tub or in the shower and we call those naked revelations. I have another friend who will get goose bumps all over her body when she feels God. I thought about both of those this morning and how I often feel like I am screaming for God to DO something, or SAY something and I hear or feel nothing. I came across Psalm 5:3 and it says:

 3 In the morning, O LORD, You hear my voice;
       in the morning I lay my requests before you
       and wait in expectation.

Even though I don’t get a response quickly or even see God do what I am requesting I KNOW He hears me and it makes me realize something GREATER must be around the corner! Last night I had a jewelry party and afterwards one of our senior youth girls wanted to spend the night. We started talking about how we were amazed by all that God was doing around us. She said I want to do crazy things and I just don’t know where to start.  I told her by just giving God her complete obedience was the first step.  The passion this generation has is blowing my mind. They want realness, they want authenticity.  They simply want JESUS!  I showed her the Psalm 5:3 verse and she said “have you read it in the message version, it will blow your mind”

1-3 Listen, God! Please, pay attention! Can you make sense of these ramblings, my groans and cries? King-God, I need your help.
   Every morning you’ll hear me at it again.
   Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life
      on your altar and watch for fire to descend.


 I am waiting for the FIRE to descend….CONSUME ME!!


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