may the force be with you….

storm trooperThis past weekend Richard and I along with his brother and girlfriend went to see the Star Wars concert in Charlotte. Richard has been a Star Wars fan pretty much his whole life. We walked around and when he saw a character or a certain costume he wanted to have his picture with them. I laughed because I felt like I was chasing around Rebekah or Rachel at Disney.  He sat there with a smile on his face throughout the evening.  At times he would tell me childhood memories or the year he went to see each movie when they came out.   I thought about how Jesus wants our faith to be that as of a child. He wants our dependency to be totally on Him. Just like a child reaches up to be held, I want to hold my arms up to be held by my heavenly Father. I have realized so much lately about how the absence of my father growing up played such a huge part of who I was growing up and all through school.  I made many bad decisions that led to heartache and even feeling more empty than I was before.   This morning around 4am I woke up and it was one of those can’t go back to sleep wake up calls from God!  I sat there in the bed and began praying to Him.  I remembered Psalm 5:3 where it says bring my request and lay them down and wait with expectancy. So as I prayed I pictured bringing my request and laying them at Jesus feet.  Certain people came to my mind, UNBOUND, our student ministry, my future, my desire and calling to speak, along with some more things…I mean it was flooding my mind. I realized that I had so much I was carrying and that God was asking me to bring it to Him.  I have brought it to Him time after time…..but this time I decided to leave it!

Psalm 5:3  3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
       in the morning I lay my requests before you
       and wait in expectation.


3 thoughts on “may the force be with you….

  1. Awesome post. I too am embracing to wait with EXPECTANCY. I do have a couple things that I need to lay at His feet. Thank you for the verse.

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