drunk on sugar..

Halloween was a fun filled weekend full of candy, candy and more candy! We went trick or treatinghween and then headed to my lil cousin’s house for a costume party and lots of FOOD.  My sister came down for the weekend and my neice who is 3 kept us laughing all evening. She would make her mommy stand back and she wanted to be a big girl and ring the door bell or knock on her own. She would get the candy and as she would walk back to meet us in the street she would eat the candy she just received.  By the end of the night she was drunk on sugar needless to say.  My girls def played the part of who they dressed up as. Take a look at the picture! Runway Diva and Goth/punk girl:) they are already talking about what they are going to be next year and Richard is ready to put our Christmas trees up..Really?? I am ready for GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!! I want to hear your funny stories…


One thought on “drunk on sugar..

  1. I can’t think of any funny things that happened, but my night was wonderful thanks to all the wonderful people who love me 🙂

    all the food my mother made was pretty funny. I mean she made enough for 100 people at least.

    Andy’s mask was pretty great too 🙂

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