U afraid to ride?

7516_167773416142_501531142_3273463_117342_nThis past weekend Richard and I decided to put off some much needed work in on the youth room (painting/cleaning etc). Instead we took the girls Friday night to get pumpkins to carve. They had a great time and it felt like fall outside!  We talked about creepy stories and by the end of the night we were all watching Halloween fun movies. Saturday we decided to go to Carowinds for the day.  The girls put their festive shirts on. Rachel’s choice was her black and white9417_168367016142_501531142_3280723_2072810_n glitter shirt and Rebekah’s was her black and white, hot pink skull/cross bone shirt with matching knee high socks. It was breezy and NO one was there. They got to do all the festive kids stuff and ride all the rides. Rebekah even got on stage and did Karaoke (Thriller and her favorite Party in the USA).  Rachel has been weary of riding all the upside down roller coasters pretty much all season and so Richard pumped it up and got her on the Cylone! It flips like 4 times and she is only 7 so I was anxious and I knew I would  see her coming off with massive tears but instead she came off with a huge smile and was ready for the COBRA!  She conquered her fear and when she came off the Cobra she said “mom I can’t believe I have missed out on this all along” she then says “I don’t have to sit and wait for sissy anymore”.

Do you want to experience excitement like that?  We tend to watch others who are passionately serving and passionately following Jesus with all they have and settle for just watching.  I think the problem is that we know if we get on and “ride” so to speak that change will occur and many of us are afraid of change.  I see so many people miss Jesus because of of the FEAR OF CHANGE.  I want to encounter Him for myself.  I don’t want to watch you be passionate (all thought its great and it def encourages me) I want to BE PASSIONATE 🙂


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