thirsty-blog My one word last year was PURSUE. I honestly had no problem attaching this word to every area of my life. I pursued my cute hubby, I made sure I listened to God’s voice as I pursued this calling on my life to share and speak to teen/college aged girls. I spent last year saying…I NEED TO PURSUE THE HEART OF MY KING. It was that simple to me. I heard a pastor say once…”our need takes us to the cross, but our love keeps us there“. I said all that to say this! This year my one word has been THIRST. I looked up all kind of verses to remind myself; I looked up the whole dynamics of someone becoming thirsty blah blah. I have struggled so much this year staying consistent in the word. It’s like I have to fight time in order to give God just a portion of my day. I love Him more than I ever have, I desire to encounter Him, I pray CONSTANTLY.  But reading His word I can honestly say I just struggle.  I read and prepare for my lessons each week, and I love to read tons of books, but just sitting and reading for a “quiet time” outside of teaching is hard for me…anyone else?

Psalm 107:9  for He satisfies the thirsty
       and fills the hungry with good things

Psalm 42:2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
       When can I go and meet with God?



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