bad breath!

Do you ever have bad breath? My breath is kicking this morning! I would say it is “terrorist” status! It’s killing my nose! Or even like Chuck Norris breath it’s giving a good round house to those who come in contact with me! I brushed my teeth twice this morning and I have put mint after mint in my mouth. What is the issue? I thought about what I could have eaten to make it be this bad.  I then remembered the yummy soup I ate yesterday.  It had HUGE chunks of fresh garlic in it. I love eating onions and garlic raw or even barely cooked. I then topped it off with a HUGE cup of coffee.  It’s so funny how things like onions and garlic can cause MONSTER BAD BREATH! I mean I only ate a little…I have also found that only a little disobedience can also cause a tidal wave of consequences.  Guilt, or anxiety, “only if “moments and so much more.  Why do we say NO to a God that created this universe in only a couple of days? A kid in our youth group gave such a great example of being in awe of who God is. He said the other day at work he made a wrap in like 3 seconds and when he handed it to the lady at the window she was in awe of how fast (and correct) the wrap was made. He then said our God created the universe in 7 days and yet we often forget to stand in awe.  Every single person has a purpose.  God CREATED you and He wants to USE you in ways YOU COULDNT EVEN IMAGINE 🙂 Jesus didn’t go around asking people to believe in Him, He asked them to FOLLOW HIM 🙂 wait with expectancy!!!!

Habakuk 1:5

5 “Look at the nations and watch—
       and be utterly amazed.
       For I am going to do something in your days
       that you would not believe,
       even if you were told.


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