“noddin my head like yea…..”

I love catchy tunes like Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” song. This song is played daily at my house! I mean EVERYday along with “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks. My kids love to listen to music.  Rachel is dancing at a place in a town next to Gastonia. It’s a small studio and there are NO recitals!!! I love it because they dance to all Christian music. Rachel is a hip hop queen. She is 7 and she would make any rap artist happy with her moves! She loves fashion and she honestly wears ADULT high heel shoes everyday around the house. Just last week a friend of mine gave her a bag of old high heels (HUGE) and she walks around in them like she has wore them for years.  She told me that when she grows up she wants to do something she has to wear high heels. (That is NOT like me) I love my flats/Sanukks and occasional cute converse.  So last night we went to watch her dance because it was parent observation night. They pray and then begin their class. She was so excited because they danced to Group 1 Crew (one of her absolute favorites) and also David Crowder band.  She takes hip hop and modern. She was singing all the words the whole time and I looked down beside me at Rebekah and she was also singing every word. I thought to myself in that moment. WOW they are writing these words on their hearts as they sing about Jesus and about His grace and mercy and love for us.   We allow so much noise into our lives and on to the pages of our hearts through music, stuff we read, things we watch, conversations that we are involved in. I am at work right now and its silent and I started to reach for my head phones before I began to write this and then I felt as if God was saying ……finally I can speak to you:)

Listen….I promise He wants to speak to you



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