Jesus is my earplugs…

I sent both my kids to school with a jacket this morning and I was excited about it! I do believe FALL has arrived!  Since my last post I have been working towards a healthier lifestyle. I pray CONSTANTLY and I am feeling more motivated.  In the past I have been motivated about a 10000 times but this time it’s a different motivation.   I am driven by my love for God this time.  For every time I have dieted, taken diet pills, exercised, taken more diet pills, crashed dieted blah blah blah I have done it for two reasons to please others and hopefully gain a little confidence through the weight loss. Remember what I said last post?  I talked about being in the girl’s restroom last week and crying out to God to move in my life and to help me with this process. I have thought about that over and over and I realized this truth. The very NAME OF JESUS should move me to DO.  When I am tempted in area of my life, or when I read God’s word, or I see that homeless man on the street, or I know God’s calling me to do something. The very thought of it should move me into action.  God is my completion NOT FOOD, NOT CONFIDENCE and NOT APPROVAL!  I was listening to Chris Tomlin on the way to work this morning and “I will rise” was playing and I began to tear up because I imagined myself kneeling before the throne and realizing that NOTHING will matter in that moment when HE calls my name…I WILL RISE! You see..Just being in His presence MOVES you to action. I realized that in that moment God will look at me and hold my face in His hands and no pain, no feelings of brokenness, no guilt, no wishing of something more will clog my mind. I will KNOW He is great~ (Psalm 135) I will be made WHOLE in that very moment. I think we forget how the presence of God feels and instead of seeking God with all we have we opt out. I truly believe that so many Christians don’t want to see God because they know change follows. I know too many people who attend church EVERY time the doors are open but when you begin to talk about the things of God or even get involved in spiritual conversations they ALWAYS seem to take it back to the checklist of being a Christian???? I simply want JESUS 🙂 Matthew 5:8 says blessed are the pure in heart FOR THE WILL SEE GOD~ Do you want to see Him? Do you desire more than anything to be in His presence? I had to really sort through some stuff and ask God to search my motives and reveal to me any area of my heart that wasn’t His.  Richard and I watched a sermon last night on line from Newspring.   Perry Noble (one of my favs) was talking about being in Rhythm with God and allowing Him to lead. My favorite part was when Perry wrote on a mirror these different sins. He said “God’s word should be like a mirror to our lives”   I sat there and realized that the more I seek His face and desire to be in His presence and crave to hear Him speak to my soul the junk that often takes me away from Him has no room to speak to me or room in my life… My friend Shauna and my cuz Gina always take earplugs with them when we are staying somewhere and they are going to be in my room because they CLAIM I snore! They want to sleep and drown out the noise…I want Jesus to be like my earplugs!  I want His VOICE to speak louder than anything or voice around me that’s trying to keep me from listening to the only voice that matters!


One thought on “Jesus is my earplugs…

  1. Hi Holly you and I have never really got to know each other but Brad & Christa have always thought alot of you and Richard. I sat here and was reading some of your blogs and I have enjoyed them so much. Keep up this God given talent you have just a few words like this can help so many people. It has helped me to stop and smell the roses today. Thank you and God bless you and Richard & your family

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