The CROSS is my reality!

This morning was quite the rat race in the Myers home. I am trying to get the girls back on their bedtime schedules because it starts up next week.  Rebekah is pushing the limit because she is in the 7th grade and thinks she is 16. She wants to start wearing a little eye shadow and lip gloss.  She has to shave her legs daily and takes 30 minutes showers…Rachel on the other hand is entering the 2nd grade and she don’t want to take showers  but baths so she can play with her barbies for an hour and wash for the remainder of 5 minutes when I give her the times up warning.  So the first night FAILED on with the  bedtime routine…no one was mad, upset or even cried once because  I tried to put a little more responsibility on them both and so it took us until 11:15 for sleep time! So new routine tonight (no wait tonight’s my tastefully simple party so Tuesday I will start lol). Yesterday was a hard day at church and so going into the evening I was a little drained because  I had come off a great week.   It was full of God encounters!  I mean I would open my bible or hear a song, or be silent in the car and God would speak to my soul.  I think this week I am finding myself in a new place. I am seeing things more clearly and I am trusting God in the middle of it all. I laugh at satan because no matter what he tries HE WONT WIN…NEVER! I mean he may set me back a bit, or knock me down, and even throw a few punches but overcome  me…HECK NO! Yesterday the UNBOUND girls met and I love our meetings because we usually spend the first hour or so just saying where we need prayer, and the struggles we are individually facing. We encourage one another and cry with one another and reach out to each other. I am so encouraged by these ladies and their passion and support of my leadership…it humbles me.  I seek God daily (honestly all day) through little sentence prayers that simply say “Dear God show me” I truly mean that. I know that this passion is real because I know WHO put it within our hearts. He formed the friendships years ago and allowed our paths to cross right when this needed to take off. We are new, but we love Jesus and we want to be used to make Jesus famous! I am just waiting daily for that email ( or that phone call 704 689-5221 that says I believe in this ministry and I want to help.  I have had so many connections made just in this past year and it blows my mind how God does it! I am so sick of religion so sick of the bondage that people are blinded by. I had the scales torn from my eyes and I no longer see denominations, rules or even the constant failing to measure up. I see JESUS! Matthew 5:8 I want to see Jesus and nothing else. I say all the time that I don’t want to see past the cross because the cross keeps me on my face, it keeps me humble, it pushes me to surrender, causes me to show grace and it enables me to change the world! Today God is my strength and I know that no matter what is thrown my way nothing is impossible for MY God:)

Getting lost in Him….


Matthew 5:8  8Blessed are the pure in heart,
      for they will see God.

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


One thought on “The CROSS is my reality!

  1. this is amazing Holly!! i love u and thank u for everything u do for FOCUS and all tht u do to help us girls soo much 🙂

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