ALL the days of my life….

Psalm 23: 6 NLT

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me
      all the days of my life,
   and I will live in the house of the Lord

The word PURSUE was my ONE word last year and  I am always telling the girls to let guys pursue them.  Recently a friend of mine was very interested in a girl and he told me that he was doing everything he could to win her attention but nothing was happening. He took her out, he called her daily and he told her how beautiful she was…still nothing happened. We talked about it and I said think of how God must feel when He pursues our hearts daily and we give Him nothing…. To pursue means:: to follow in order to overtake or  capture; to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish.  What this tells me is that God is after my heart to capture it make it His and hold it captive as He loves me with unfailing love, and uses me for His glory. He protects my heart even when it hurts or its broken! God never lets it go because I am captured!  In the Psalm above it says ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE Every day HE WILL PURSUE ME WITH HIS UNFAILING LOVE….WOW!  I pray every morning “God please use me today, and allow me to encounter You”.  I want to experience His unconditional love as I show someone who this world says doesn’t deserve love….I want to experience His mercy as I give it freely even when it causes me to be uncomfortable…I want to experience His power by means of  me giving up the control and allowing  Him to do whatever HE WANTS! Encountering God is something that many of us desire but never fully grasp that He is at work around us and through us we just have to embrace it and LOOK for it! I call those burning bush moments! 

Exodus 3: 2 There the angel of the LORD appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. 3 So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.” 4 When the LORD saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!”
      And Moses said, “Here I am.”

Moses saw a burning bush and went towards it and then God called out to Him…He didn’t say Moses come see this burning bush first. The cool thing is that every day is a new day to start over. Maybe you have been that person who says to the man on the street who smells like liquor and can’t even stand to ask you for money “get a job”….or maybe you speak so badly about your circumstances that those around you look at your life as HOPELESS rather than your life exemplifying a glimpse of hope for their own lives. This world looks for us to respond! If we say we love Jesus than we need to show it…If we say we are Christ followers than we need to show it…If we say we have joy and hope in the midst of a situation then we need to cling to that! We show people who we really are when we are in a state of desperation. To be desperate means: having lost hope!! I know we all have been in this place where we either questioned what God was doing, or begged Him to move in our lives. I want to be at the place where even in the middle of what seems a hopeless situation I am daily pursuing the heart of my Father, My king, My everything! I am praying for all who reads this today that you allow God to search your heart and CAPTURE it fully! Remember when you were a kid and field day would bring good ole tug of war! You would grab that rope so tightly because you were determined you were going to win! I mean blisters would form and sweat would pour and when you would release that rope that feeling would bring such relief! (no matter if you lost or won) I think about that with my own struggles and all the things that seem to pull my heart in the opposite direction of Christ. But the thing is this….God already has CAPTURED, OVERTAKEN, and has OWNERSHIP of my life, and my purpose and my heart so nothing can win. I may fall down from time to time beat myself up but I know that in the end I WILL BE STANDING!


God help my life make you famous! My struggles are for you to grow me, push me, and empower me and to know that in the middle of my weaknesses I AM STRONGJ and most importantly FREE!


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