Season of Renewal

About a month or so ago I knew God wanted me to do a retreat for the UNBOUND team. Gina booked it for me and so on Friday 7 of my closest friends set out to Ridgecrest NC for a retreat. The title of the Retreat was Season of Renewal. All of us are in different seasons of our lives. God stirred things up in our hearts and God brought issues in our hearts to the surface and we were forced to deal with it. This weekend was about all of us finding renewal even though we are all in different places. That is exactly what happened!  Friday night we did two sessions.  One of our sessions was called Confessions are good for the soul.  We talked about things in our lives that have kept us from embracing true joy and happiness in our walk with Christ. We talked about how as a ministry we had to be willing to dig deep within our souls and allow God to pull the yuck out of our hearts. We all shared tears and things either from current circumstances or from our past that we continue to deal with. That night we laid it at the feet of Jesus. I am so honored to be apart of a team that seeks God with all they are. Even in the midst of what seems so hard these women have joy and love with all they are!  The ages range from 19 to 37 among us.  I remember sitting there looking around the room as they wrote a letter to God and I realized that each of us had something different to bring and a story to tell. We wanted renewal and we could taste it. We bonded and all at the same time asked God to bind our broken hearts and to allow us to encounter Him over the next few hours! WE DID! Every single session something new was brought out.  EVERYone of us spoke up and responded to what God was asking of us.  We finished in Deuteronomy Chapter 1 and talked about coming down the mountain and making the necessary changes in our lives as we move forward as a Ministry team. God allowed walls to fall around our hearts! Some of us are truly in a season of brokenness and some of us are in a place of questioning what happens next. But together we are all seeking God and trusting He is in complete control of this Ministry 🙂 Searching for the Beauty Within Seminar is moving forward and we are just about 19 weeks away! I am soooo excited I could burst! I am praying for the churches in the surrounding areas to jump on board and for also others to partner and support this event.  Please continue to pray about how you can be apart of this event.  We would love come to your city!!  I have a lot to blog about and I am still have to process it all!  God sometimes tends to leave me speechless!



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