I want to be in your face:)

2 John 1:12 I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete.

There is something about being with people! I love seeing their facial expressions when they are excited about something or hearing their happiness reflected in their laughter or even just sitting with them when they are hurting down deep. I read the verse at the top and I realized how important it is to truly connect with people face to face. To watch their body language and to listen to the silent screams that often are trying to come out. I meet people all the time ( I am the woman in the grocery store making bff with the cashier) I love to encourage people and to watch how they sit up a little straighter or allow a layer of their hardened heart to peel away.  Just today I was thinking of how much I missed a friend of mine in Florida (The DEATONS:) we have been so close since my second year in college. We never lost touch with one another through these past 14+years! She means the world to me and even though we may talk once every 2 months and sometimes longer we always seem to pick up right where we left off.  But when we do see one another we soak up every second together!  We click on so many levels. We understand the other one’s thoughts!   Rebekah  is the perfectly wrapped present who always has it together friend and I am the one wrapping the cute present on the way to the party (or in the parking lot) I also tend to wait to the last minute for everything!  I truly believe that He places people in the different seasons of our lives because He knows who will best compliment our personalities as well as push us harder in our walk with Him. Today I am encouraging you to look around you and to see those people who desperately need a smile or that need to be touched with a simple hug and most of all embraced with the Love of Jesus!  I have truly realized that I am so in love with Him I can’t contain it. I already talk ALL the time so to know that Jesus has given me a voice to speak out and love for others to reflect WHO HE IS encourages me daily to not be comfortable and to not sit still! Standing up and then stepping out and connecting with those right around you is the first step. Also I have been talking to so many people about things they wish they would have done or could have done and are accepting where they are now. You have such huge dreams but because you doubt your abilities or because you underestimate yourself you have let those dreams slip through your fingers…I encourage you take hold of those dreams place them in the very ONE who gave you those dreams and watch what happens!

God I am ready for you to shock me! To rock my world! To overwhelm me! To ignite within me! To push me! To allow me! To consume me and move me to where I need to be!  I want to STAND UP and then STEP OUT without even once looking back.  I know YOU HAVE ME and I trust You:)


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