The King is enthralled by my beauty…

Have you ever ripped off a bandaid or broken any bones or cut your finger, or scratched your knee? of course you have:) I have learned that the healing process can often hurt just as bad as the wound itself! Richard hurt is ankle a few weeks back and even now its hurting at night,and it is affecting other areas of his life (being the soccer coach, chasing the kids, working out in the yard) Over the past few weeks it’s  like God has reached into my soul and has identified areas in my life that have not healed or things I have held onto for no reason except to constantly remind me of past failures or things that point me to the lies this world tells me about who I am, my self worth and so on.  I have been the director of the of Searching for the Beauty Within Seminar for 7 years now and last year I spoke about unfading beauty and the theme was Just as I am NO Regrets…This year the theme is on Freedom and embracing that we are truly His masterpieces.  Everywhere I look I see the word freedom and it continues to remind me that I am still in bondage to MYSELF! Satan pours lies into my head by saying things like “that outfit is bad” or  “you will never make an impact on anyone” but the more I am learning to hear God’s voice  I am also learning to identify the voice of satan and I refuse to let him bind me any longer.  UNBOUND Ministry  is about being set free and this process is hurting and its showing my scars!  Its taking me pushing harder, and falling on my face before Christ and saying I GIVE UP!  This game of trying to constantly lose weight, the charade of always saying hurtful things about myself to get a laugh, well it has to STOP! Psalm 45 says “listen o daughter” He is wanting to talk to me, and speak to the center of my heart and if I am allowing other things to drown His voice out   how can I ever find freedom? …This process  is  hurting and I don’t like it because  its forcing me to deal with it! I watched the most powerful sermon I think I have ever watched yesterday and it was dealing with being beautiful.  Perry Noble a pastor from Anderson SC spoke truth into my life (at work on my computer lol ) I  cried just about the entire time he spoke.  I tell others around me to embrace who they are in Christ,  I encourage them, and motivate them to dream big  I AM NOT SUPPOSE TO BE DEALING WITH THIS JUNK! I  didnt expect to feel the way I did yesterday…I cried and realized that so many things have affected my perception of beauty and its not the magazine models for me, its not the fact that I am over weight that defines beauty for me….Its the perception of perfection, keeping my house clean, its wanting more, its always waiting on the what is to come….those are things that have defined me.  I think well the beauty within is suppose to be going OUT and into other cities and churches and if that isn’t happening then I have failed or I have misunderstood the calling on my life….THAT IS SO MUCH A LIE!  My husband is the most amazing man on the planet he tells me daily how beautiful I am, and how much he loves me and so many people say “Holly you are beautiful, and Richard is crazy about you I want what you guys have” I hear those things and yes its true, we are madly in love with one another but the problem comes from within  MYSELF its me not embracing that I am beautiful!! So today as I sit here, constantly repeating over and over what Pastor Noble said “YOUR KING IS ENTHRALLED BY YOUR BEAUTY” …God is pouring His unconditional love into my wounds, He is wrapping my heart with His grace, and His mercy and He is holding my face in His hands and saying…”You are MY masterpiece, you are captivating, and I am spellbound when I look at you…yes HE IS ENTHRALLED BY MY BEAUTY:)….

Psalm 45 10 Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear:
       Forget your people and your father’s house.

 11 The king is enthralled by your beauty;
       honor him, for he is your lord.

 12 The Daughter of Tyre will come with a gift, [b]
       men of wealth will seek your favor.

 13 All glorious is the princess within her chamber ;
       her gown is interwoven with gold.

go watch the sermon I promise it will blow your mind:)

7th Annual Searching for the Beauty Within is September 19th if you want to be apart in anyway from vol to planning please contact Megan Blanton she is the PR person for UNBOUND Ministry:) 704-718-1921


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