entering into the throne room…that will humble you:)

Today is March 24th:) I don’t really know where to begin….On Friday FOCUS left for Atlanta to be apart of the LIVE LOVE conference that is sponsored by Student Life. I read Crazy love several months ago and it literally is in the top 3 books I have ever read. I love books that convict you, and push you to pursue Christ with all you have. On the way there I realized I had left the phone chargers for my phone and Richard’s phone…I left his luggage sitting in my car (which meant no diabetes medication/clothes..etc) so I started off thinking ok, maybe this was a bad idea. I then realized that I had forgotten the confirmation number to the hotel/ the directions and I left Richard’s bible laying on the counter at home….ok so you see satan was in full drive working against this trip. I was so irritated! Me and Carla and Dee rode in one van, and Richard, Mark and Dwaine in another…Gina drove with VISION. We had so many good talks on the way there that I was starting to realize that God was going to do something! When we arrived 2 hours early…we were excited because that meant FRONT ROW:) yes I can literally say I sat under Francis Chan’s teaching! he was right there….and amazing it was. He took us into the throne room of God. Revelation 4 talks about seeing it and he ask us to close our eyes and to imagine seeing God on the throne….the worship band begin to play and people began praying and something happened:) We experienced God’s power, His presence so much that it was overwhelming! I realized in that moment that God is GOD AND HE IS SO POWERFUL, He is gracious, He is merciful, He is CONTROL, He is……When Jesus Described himself as “I AM” and I realized that He completes every aspect our our lives when we allow Him too.  When we left, we were all moved and overwhelmed. We were in our rooms and quiet (hard to believe I know) but I think we were just still in a sense of awe:) Saturday morning we listened to 2 more sessions from Francis and the skits were funny and the dramas were also amazing:) I stood at the end as we sang Jesus Paid it all, when I came to the part  where I said “I stand in Him COMPLETE” something clicked in my mind I realized that nothing will ever complete me other than Him, yes I have known this, and yes even taught it but embracing and grasping it takes it to a whole new level. I am ready for God to be LORD of my life, for Him to take UNBOUND to the next level, to push FOCUS to reach out. Francis Chan said “this conference isn’t called speaklove its called LIVELOVE! wow soo good:) Sunday we had Rachel’s 7th birthday party (the one I said we were not having because we had just went to Atlanta for the American girl..yea) well she wanted to have a few friends/family and of course some of the girls in the youth to have a “funky peace” party. So Megan and I made some amazing cakes (hot pink/lime green/purple/orange) we laughed and such a good time. Rachel loved dancing with all her friends to the 70’s disco songs. She loves dancing and has some MAJOR rhythm…and then last night was our last night of small groups and worship followed. We started out singing with passion and then Richard challenged us to stop speaking and start doing.to look at every opportunity to be Jesus to someone. People began to cry and worship took off….It was a moving experience and I couldn’t control the emotions I was feeling:) God is God and I want to love and worship Him with all I have nothing less! I also began to understand something this week as I listened to a Pastor from Anderson SC Perry Noble. He did a sermon on drinking and it has changed my perspective on the fact that over eating (gluttony) is equal to getting drunk. I mean it has changed me. Everytime I am even tempted to over eat I think…ok I am on my way to getting drunk and I STOP! This week has been awesome from that perspective. I have eaten healthier, I have had the desire to put things in my body that will benefit it, and over eating suddenly isn’t an option for me~! I would love to talk to him one on one and just soak up his wisdom and his take on self image! I know God led me to that website, because Ephesians 2:!0 is taking on a whole new meaning in my life:) So today as you begin a new week, praise God in every moment, pursue God with ALL your heart, allow Him to renew you, transform you, complete you, move you, guide you, humble you…and just surrender:)

Ephesians 2:10

Revelation 4


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